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Package Cost : ₹ 100000/- | Duration : 1 Year

In this package, we provides :
• Website Development and Designing (1 Domain Name) for one year
• Hosting Distribution (10 G.B hosting space on Linux Server) for one year
•5 Business Mail Id’s for your company or representatives.
• Website Promotion with content writing and key words
• Website Security (SSL, timely checking of site for spam)
• Google Adsense,Google Adwords.Google Analytics
• Search Engine marketing for all Internet search websites locally and globally
•Affiliated and Referral Marketing for customers services and products
• Paid Advertising services on social media.
   • Online advertisement with city searching
   • Website Promotion with contents
   • Reviews on Google and social media
   • Updates of business time to time
• Marketing by Online Listing (MOL)
• Classified listing on local search sites
• E-Mail Marketing with business mails
• Smart Mobile Marketing Strategies
   a) Bulk SMS Marketing
   b) Whatsapp Marketing
   c) IVR/Toll free Marketing
• Paid Social Media Campaign a) Face Book Marketing
1. 10 Days Advertisement Plan
 * Boost post- 5days, reach to 5K People
 * Call Advertisement – 5Days,Reach To 7.5K People
 * Free Post in every 4 days, and 10 days page maintenance
2. 20 Days Advertisement Plan
    * Boost post- 10days, reach to 8K People
 * Call Advertisement – 10 Days, Reach To 10K People
   * Free Post in every 8days, and 20 days page maintenance
3. 30 Days Advertisement Plan
 * Boost post- 10days, reach to 15K People
 * Call Advertisement – 10Days, Reach To 20K People
 * Free Post in every 10 days, and 30 days page maintenance
b) LinkedIn, Google Reviews
c) Micro blogging (Twitter, Tumblr)
d) Video Marketing ( YouTube, Face book Live)

• kotapride Special Promotion Campaign Through
1. Expansion Marketing - Expanding business by increasing your reach of area
2. Magnetic Marketing – By Attracting more and more clients.
3. Influencer Marketing – using review method to gain customer trust.
4.Radiation smart promotional strategy through Internet by Digital skills
5.Magical advertising strategies

Terms And Condition
1. 15 days / weekly reports will be provided as per the need of client
2. Full support in Website maintenance as per package Duration ( 3 and 12 month)
3. All campaign and ads are subjected to approval from client/representative after that only final campaign or ads will be displayed online.
4. For initiating the project 50% of the payment has to be deposited in advance and full payment after 15 days of advance payment.
5. DLT registration and SMS header creation will be strictly as per the government rule and regulation.
6. Confidentiality: All the information provided by the clients will be kept confidential with us.
7. For the purpose of Marketing online special accounts need to be created in name of the business and login credentials of the same will be shared with the client/clients.
8. In Case of Changes in Services by digital platform providers, same will be communicated to the client(s) by E-mail.
9. Any content provided by client, deviating from government guidelines and polices are prohibited.
10. Any Changes to be done in project has to be informed by the Client(s) well in advance. Kotapride team, also provide some special branding strategies for clients at their personal likes
1. Adding content to the website where web traffic is very high.
2. Website maintenance for 2 Months(Extra) other than Package Duration
3. Also We help to collect Leads from various sites and pass the same to the client(s).
4. Adding of Content on Face book groups, Whatsapp Groups, twitter, LinkedIn groups from our side. 5.Advertisement on YouTube channels of our team on periodic intervals.
6. Promotion of product and services on area, city, region, state wise as required to generate more and more leads