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Package Cost : ₹ 15,000/- | Duration : 42 Hrs(1.5 Months)

In this package, we provides :
•Awareness of Internet.
2. Knowledge of Digital Marketing.
3. Use of Digital Marketing in career.
4. Freelancer (work from home concept).
5. Knowledge of Search Engines Websites and Internet Browsers.
6.Personal and Professional or business mail:

Web mail

7. Social Media Marketing Strategy:
    Facebook ads
    Facebook page
    Instagram ads

8.Mobile Marketing Strategy:
   Campaigning    Awareness

9. Blog creation and Posting.
10. Bulk SMS Marketing.
11. Voice call Marketing through Audio.
12. Email Marketing through Business mail.
13. Knowledge of Domain and Hosting.
14. Practical Knowledge.
15. Google listing and Add my business on search engine.
16. Affiliated and Referral Marketing .
17. Types of websites:
    LMS website

18. ORM(online review marketing).
19. Analytics Strategy.
20. SEO with PPC with SMO.
21. Inbound and Outbound Marketing.
22. OCM classified listing on local website.
23. Keywords and Admin panel.
24. OBP- online business profile with practices.
25. How to start your own startup.

“ Become a successful Digital Marketer ”